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At Partin & Partin emphasis is placed on reproduction, disposition and other characteristics that are essential for both the purebred and commercial beef market. Our cattle must be able to produce and perform on grass.

We have developed one of the most fertile Brahman herds in the country. In our purebred herd our calving percentage has averaged over 90% year after year, high among large herds of any type, especially notable for the Brahman breed.

We pasture breed the cows, AI our heifers and reserve some of our outstanding females for embryo transfer. Our bulls are semen tested and all of our cattle are entered into the "Brahman Herd Improvement Records" program.

It is very important to improve our cattle's carcass quality and to accomplish this we have teamed up with the Tender Alliance and Carcass Evaluation Program through feeding, testing and selective breeding in an effort to create a more ideal beef animal.

We have sold cattle all over the world for replacement heifers and herd bull prospects with many satisfied repeat customers. Semen on our bulls is for sale both foreign and domestic.

Our objective of producing gentle, thick muscled, beef type Brahmans that will hold up on pastures has been accomplished and successful for generations on our ranch.


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